Lady Face new to the Print Shop


My first blog post, and I start it off with something that I completed just a few seconds ago. Lady Face is a graphic work heavily inspired by none other than Henri Matisse.


Click and you will be lead to more options and more designs. It is nice to have a moment to relax and let the creativity flow. I will do my best to keep it up while teaching during the school year, but for right now, I am enjoying it. By the way, about Lady Face in the Print Shop...

Her face is on the OTHER side of the coffee mug, you're welcome righties. And as for clothing, luck was on my side and a transparent version works perfect on v-neck tees. And its summer, so I figured a v-neck was the best choice.

Should I sign off? Don't most bloggers have a scan of their signature with a XOXO lipstick kiss?

Nah, until next time.