Spot the Puppy new to the Print Shop

Spot the Puppy by Phoebe Seward

I've managed to resurrect another piece of artwork from the archives. This illustration dates back to 2003, and has been framed in my family's living room ever since. Funny thing is, I didn't own a dog or a puppy in 2003. That all changed a few years later, when my family adopted two Great Pyrenees. It was almost as if my drawing had somehow predicted the future.


Dolly & Prince

It is amazing how animals come into your life and bring so much joy. Dolly & Prince did that for my family. They brought love, loyalty, and a ton of personality to the house.

Dolly & Prince & me at Hermann Park

Here is a pic from when Dolly, Prince, and I were hanging out at Hermann Park in Houston. In true dog fashion, they did not look at the camera OR say cheese.  It seems as quickly as they joined our family and changed everything, they left. R.I.P. Dolly & Prince, you will both be greatly missed by the Seward clan.  Spot the Puppy is now a remembrance of both Dolly & Prince, as well as all of the good dogs out there that would take a bullet for their owners.  And, of course, it has been added to the print shop!


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